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What is SOL?

Pronounced in exactly the same way, Sol is soul.

However, because sol refers to the sun – which is to say light, or consciousness – Sol more precisely is “soul consciousness,” or “of or expressive of soul consciousness.”

What exactly does this mean?

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In the first case, it means living life with an awareness of the soul, which is to say of the part of us that transcends the physical world.

To live with Sol is to see/feel/sense beyond what is readily apparent and, in doing so, detect the greater order inherent in all things occurring in our lives.

It is a way of navigating the space that we perceive ‘out there’ with guidance pulled from the space ‘in here’ that is always connected to All.

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In the second case, let’s consider the adjective soulful.

The simplest definition: “of or expressive of deep feelings, especially sadness or love”

Thus we see that our concept of soul is one which is heavily linked to emotion, but our emotional self alone is not our soul in the same way that our mental self (ego) or physical self when taken individually cannot be considered the soul—this is where we need to shine the light of our consciousness.

Some synonyms include: deep, emotional, expressive, fiery, impassioned, tender

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To have Sol is to recognize the soul in all parts of our being: heart and mind and body.

It is to embody the unified Self, the perspective which, greater than the sum of these parts, holds all three as essential and equal.

To put it most simply, to have Sol is to be Whole.

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But given that the soul is so popularly conceptualized of in emotional terms, let’s zoom in on emotion through the lens of Sol.

When we bring the consciousness of Sol to this understanding of soul we perceive emotions as falling on a spectrum of light, the absolute brightest (most conscious) being Love and the absolute darkest (most absent of light, or unconscious) being fear. 


We know where we are on the spectrum by tuning into how much joy or pain, how open or contracted, we feel.

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Consider that the definition of soulful singles out, effectively joining together, love and the painful emotion of sadness—this reflects the current, most common understanding which (quite subconsciously) views love as being inherently linked with suffering. 

From this perspective, one in which love is lacking in light/consciousness, the expression of the soul is so often a cry of anguish because the experience of love triggers deeply suppressed wounds.

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To live with Sol is not to demonize or try to avoid feeling the heavier emotions that stem from these shadowed/less conscious parts of ourselves. Rather it is to allow ourselves to feel and to express these emotions while never losing sight of the true nature of our soul – the pure light of our energetic essence – in the process. It is with the unwavering awareness of this truth that we enable ourselves to raise our personal vibration by choosing to focus upon – effectively amplifying and increasing our experiences of – those emotions which fall on the lighter/brighter side of the spectrum:

 unconditional love












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Ultimately, to live with Sol

is to reduce our every decision

to the choice between

and to consistently 

choose Love.

Love or fear


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Sol, too, is also another name for the musical note G, that which corresponds to the throat chakra. This is the energy center in our bodies associated with creative expression, authenticity, and the ability to realize – to know and make real – our own personal truths, who we are and what it is we were born to gift to this world.

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Thus, with all of these shades of meaning put together, a human with Sol does not simply have an understanding of the soul, but actively embodies soul consciousness by openly being the most genuine expression of themself, creatively shaping their world, and honoring their truths and those of others. 

The slogan “Know Your Sol, Show Your Sol” is a call to not only shift your understanding of soul to one which incorporates the light of your consciousness, but to then BE that shift every single day. In essence, it is a call to live a Soul Oriented Life.

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This is the Sol rEvolution.

Join us!


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