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The Lovers Journey

Connection - Attunement - Harmony

An intimate exploration of self, lover, and the energy of your union
with a special focus on strengthening communication and empathy

6-Week Journey Experience

October – November 2022

The journey begins shortly after a Full Moon in Aries illuminates our individual selves the week that Mercury, planet of communication & our thought processes, stations direct & moves into Libra, the sign of love, partnership & harmony. . .

The Lovers Journey includes:

Sessions 1 & 2: Inner-Radiance Readings for each individual - these natal chart readings will help each of you to gain clarity around the various parts or archetypal energies at play within you so as to access a much deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and one another. We will look at your communication styles, sexual and emotional natures, what drives you, what causes you to feel safe, and much more—think of these sessions as shortcuts to greater attunement and connection ;)

Session 3: The Lovers Reading for your union together - this reading of the composite chart is for the relationship as a whole, the energetic summation of your dynamic. It gives insights into your combined strengths, challenges, needs, desires, purpose together in this lifetime, and more. We will look at the areas of life which are most impacted by your relationship, where you come together most naturally, shared values and priorities, etc., so as to orient you more deeply in intimacy with one another. 

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Session 4: Communicating with Empathy - a trauma informed workshop centered around the framework of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg's Compassionate Communication: A Language of Life, including common communication breakdowns, strategies for recognizing and working through triggered states, and more. This workshop pulls from my professional experience as a mediator, teacher of language, and community educator, as well as from my time learning & living these modalities in intentional communities. It is also the alchemical distillation of my own catalyzing relationship experiences with deep soul connections, the lessons I've learned that I believe all Lovers would benefit to have an awareness of (that I myself certainly wish I knew way earlier in life!); it is a thorough guide to the most current psychological teachings on emotion, communication dynamics, and the impact of trauma on our relationships. 

Session 5:  Integration & Sound Harmonization Session - this final session will provide an opportunity for the two of you to reflect upon and ground into the entirety of the journey experience and the transformation that has been set into motion by the eclipses energies and our work together. Healing sound vibrations will clear away any energetic blockages to your connection and expression, and leave you feeling harmonized with one another. 

All sessions will be recorded so that you can return to them as often as you'd like! Because astrology touches on the timeless & eternal, you will find that each time you listen will provide unique insights.

The journey ends the week that Mercury & Venus form a beautiful union in the expansive & fortuitous sign of Sagittarius; a New Moon in that sign the same day that Jupiter stations direct in Pisces ushers in a new, spiritually evolved beginning...

A Journey Into Deeper Love

About The Lovers Journey

details, astrological insights, inspiration, etc. as well as a bit about me, my background & the experiences that have shaped this journey 

Who is this Journey for?

The short answer is: ALL humans & ALL expressions of love* are welcome to this journey experience—whether your relationship is long-term or you are newly together. As a queer, trans-nonbinary person who has experienced and identifies with a wide variety of 'unconventional' orientations and relationship styles, I feel highly motivated to hold as inclusive, open, & welcoming a space as I would desire to experience.

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This journey is especially suited to Lovers: 

  • who are looking to become more attuned to one another by deepening their understanding of themselves and each other exponentially

  • who are looking to take their relationship to the next level by connecting in a new and profound way

  • who are looking to reconnect after a period of miscomprehension, distance or strain

  • who are looking to infuse their relationship and communication with more empathy & clarity

  • who are ready to break out of unhelpful communication patterns &/or loops in favor of communicating much more effectively

*A note for those who are in polyamorous dynamics: at this time this journey as described above is for unions of 2 individuals—this is because there are several means of astrological computation for creating a multi-composite chart (chart representing a union of 3 or more) and I have not to this point studied and experimented enough with these methods to have come to my own conclusions and, thus, be in a state of readiness to offer such readings. Please know that I honor you and your relationship all the same.

Seen, Inspired, & Expanded...

"I see Onyx Sol as a divine messenger form the stars. The way they translate cosmic wisdom is immaculate, and fun! We received The Lovers Reading and feel seen, inspired, and expanded by the transmission Onyx shared with us. We appreciated the way they connected the dots from various aspects of the chart into a cohesive web for us to see and feel. Plus, they conveyed its intricacies in a way that was creative, memorable, and simple to digest. The sincerity in their words is palpable, and the magic in their heart and mind is undeniable. Thank you Onyx for enriching our experience with your gift, we will treasure it eternally and trust there will be more discoveries unveiled each time we return to the recording :)" 

Let's Talk Logistics: About this Container

Time: Sessions will typically last 90-120 minutes and will be paced throughout the 6-week window - beginning the week of 10/10 and ending the week of 11/21 - in alignment with significant astrological events. This will enable us to utilize the energy of the moment to the benefit of this journey's intentions and your desires. We will have the opportunity to discuss scheduling specifics based upon mutual availability in consideration of any time zone differences during the booking consultation (see form below!)

Personalization: This journey is as unique as each of you and your union together—I will be customizing it to your individual astrological makeups as well as to the energetic signature of your dynamic by creating reflection points and prompts in line with our sessions together and the astrology of the moment to assist you in rooting into the experience and integrating what occurs. 

Support: I will be available to you via email and WhatsApp group message thread that will be created for this journey.

Energy Exchange

This once-in-a-lifetime, alchemical journey experience is a $6,998 investment
in yourself, your beloved, & your union sure to enrich your relationship for years to come. All sessions and supplemental materials will be yours to keep forever.


This experience is also available to you for two smaller investments of $3,636.

For payment inquiries and structure, fill out the form below to schedule your free 20 minute booking consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Like being graced by a ray of sunshine...

"Like being graced by a ray of sunshine. Warm, welcoming, energizing, safe, yet might push you to the heat of your edge! In the best, most enlightening way. Onyx Sol's passion for the gifts they share is radiant and kisses you like the sun. Plus, they weave their offerings through the web of astrology, which feels like a cosmic kiss in itself. I trust the sincerity & potency of their intention, as I have met with many beautifully orchestrated, healing synchronicities in their space and beyond..." 

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Book on/before October 9th and I will include access for you both to attend my upcoming workshop Feeding Your Energy Body: A Guide to Eating for Optimal Well-Being. This is going to be an absolutely EPIC compilation of years of research, practice and culinary experimentation drawing from my experiences - as both eater and chef - with just about every dietary approach you could imagine. This will completely revolutionize not only how you eat, but how you consume all that is around you.


Book on/before October 7th and I will include the above workshop access PLUS a follow up BONUS SESSION to this journey! Session 6 will take place sometime between the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the new year—occurring roughly a month after this journey ends, this will provide a check in point after you've had some time to digest this experience AND will include a 2023 Transit Reading for your relationship! We will look at how the astrology of the upcoming year will play out within your dynamic, which areas of your life together will be most impacted by these energies, and so much more. If you and your beloved are looking to step into 2023 with greater clarity and strength than ever before, this offer is absolutely of greatest value to you!

The door to this experience closes on October 12th.

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If you and your significant other are feeling called to the
The Lovers Journey at this time, fill in the form below!
This journey is for just ONE couple and doors close 10/12
so I encourage you to reach out if you're feeling the call ;)  
I look forward to connecting with you both!

Schedule a Free 20-min.
Booking Consultation

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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