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so happy our paths 
are crossing...

how about a 


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I've realized my music is simply an instrument of a love that's moved me so profoundly & completely that it's grown beyond what

my heart can hold...

and so I set it free
I hope it finds you well

these are some of the songs that I've written

whole heart & soul & self as a way of exploring what it means

to be a twin flame,
to have found my

twin soul

what I've learned is
it's a way of learning

that love cannot be contained or

controlled, that no boundaries can be placed on something that is, in its nature, boundless...

it means sharing of
and celebrating unconditional love, giving it and, thus, yourself & everything you create, the
freedom to grow & be



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this song has really written itself in the last month or so the more and more I let go and have faith in this process. it's still taking shape but each time I sing tender&strong it feels all the more incredible. I dedicate it to all the twin flames out there. we are the lionhearted&