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The Deeper Dive Package

Inner-Radiance Reading + Deeper Dive Reading

  • online session

Service Description

This is a package of 2 readings in 2 remote sessions for individuals looking to understand themselves and their lives, and/or particular areas or issues in life, in greater depth through several different astrological lenses. Please note that the date, time, and location of birth is required! This package consists of: the "Inner-Radiance Reading" in which we will consider your natal chart - the chart from your moment of birth representing your soul's expression and intention - and the "Deeper Dive Reading" in which we will consider your progressed chart - the chart reflecting your evolution and where you are currently in life. All together, the Deeper Dive Package is for those who are looking to know themselves more deeply, and to give themselves the gift of greater self-connection and appreciation. This experience is designed to help you gain clarity around all the various parts - the archetypal energies - at play within you, so that you can step more fully into your soul's purpose and welcome more joy, fulfillment, and radiance into your life. Through considering these 2 different charts, this package also provides greater context of your journey: why you're here and where you are in relationship to that why. The readings will be customized to you and your needs depending on your familiarity with astrology, as well as your intention in receiving these readings—all of which you will have a chance to share with me upon filling out the booking form. Our sessions will be recorded (with your consent) and sent to you so that you may engage with the content once our time together is complete. Because astrology charts offer a glimpse into something timeless - your soul's expression and intention in this life and how this is playing out - you will find that each time you listen will reward you with unique insights. For this reason, it is a loving investment that will keep on shining its light across a lifetime! Please reach out to with any questions or booking inquiries. I look forward to connecting with you amongst the stars!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please give notice at least 3 days in advance. Thank you!

Contact Details

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