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Energetic Check-In

a consultation with the cosmos

  • Virtual Session

Service Description

This is an astrological transit reading for an individual. Please note that the date, time, and location of your birth is required! The "Energetic Check-In" is for those who are looking for guidance relevant to a particular issue or area of life. It is a reading designed to facilitate greater awareness of the astrological energies at play and how & where they are impacting you specifically. It is particularly suited to helping you gain greater clarity and contextualize your individual experience with the overarching collective experience—in other words, to inspire deeper understanding and a felt sense of not being alone in whatever it is that is alive for you currently! This reading is especially supportive for processing and integrating the lessons of momentous astrological occurrences such as planetary retrograde periods (i.e. Mercury Retrograde), solar and lunar eclipses, etc. The reading will be customized to you and your needs depending on your familiarity with astrology, as well as your intention in receiving a reading—all of which you will have a chance to share with me upon filling out the booking form. Our session will be recorded (with your consent) and sent to you so that you may engage with the content once our time together is complete. Though this reading is a snapshot of a particular moment in time, because astrological transits are cyclical and of varying durations you will find that each time you listen will reward you with unique insights. For this reason, it is a loving investment that will keep on shining its light far into the future! Please email with any questions and booking inquiries. I look forward to connecting with you amongst the stars!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please give notice at least 3 days in advance. Thank you!

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