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speaking the language of synchronicity
the Universe, conspiring, guided me
to the islands of Hawaii
where fire meets water, where Harmony met Sol
their love beginning like lava to flow
the Earth & its elements, the plants & the moon
all came together to fuse their sound & movement
into the music of their union

the rocks on the shoreline

the power of the waves

their rumbling unsettledness

speaking in extremes

demanding descent down a cliff

and nakedness

for entry

strip of wild beach

on the edge of Eden

where I stared out into the ocean

from the most isolated landmass

in all the sea

where you held warrior with the waves

stripped down each morning

and bathed

where we feasted on fruit

and communed with the plants

played music for the moon

and made love in a shack

that thundered and swayed

with the tides as we came

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