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Dear Soul Tribe,

Greetings. My name is Onyx, and for the past 7+ years as I've moved from place to place, through various identities and states of being, I've been on the journey of multiple lifetimes. I understand now that all that I've experienced along the way has been part of a long initiation process, and that the corresponding wisdom and abilities I've cultivated in staying true to my path have been in service of the calling that I am stepping into at this time. 


My intention in hosting 5-Days of Magic is to invite you, my tribe, to be a part of the emergence and celebration of these gifts that I was born to give; I sincerely believe that what I have been called to create and share is in service of the healing and expansion of humanity, and that, more than ever, the time is now for such conversations and experiences to work their magic on the collective consciousness. 


I am a strong believer in the sovereignty of all beings, the inherent power in each of us to create realities truly reflective of our dreams. In a world in which there is endless distraction and great unrest, the surfacing of traumas long suppressed, and a pervasive societal narrative of powerlessness, I find it unsurprising that many of us have lost touch with our inborn creator nature. I see an opening in the cracks of our current systemic collapse, an opportunity to flip the script entirely in favor of aligning with the remembrance of who we truly are at the core of our beings—vibrantly unique, infinitely capable, and undoubtedly worthy of lives that fully support the expression of our souls. 


I wholeheartedly believe in the tremendous, life-changing capability of soul tribe coming together to witness, encourage, and support one another in this remembrance, and in the expression of our individual gifts and authentic truths. I believe that there is no more potent medicine that the collective needs at this time than meaningful human connection and honest, open-hearted expression. I see myself as a space holder and wayshower for this process of coming home to ourselves and each other, for the convergence of souls ready to tap into their innate power, to awaken to deeper expressions of their souls and, in so doing, to play their part in the birth of a New Earth. I am committed in my service to this vision. 


This is an invitation to join me in 5-Days of Magic, a free SOL* Journey experience aligned with this vision and timed with an incredibly potent new chapter moment in the collective energy. The journey begins at 9PM EST on the Equinox, September 22nd, a portal moment in its own right that this year is all the more emphasized by the New Moon in Libra occurring just shortly thereafter on the 25th. I am deliberately extending this window of time and accentuating its rebirth potentiality through 5 days of community, ceremony, and conversation intended to awaken and expand consciousness. 

If you've been waiting on a sign, this is it. If you’ve been feeling the pull to take action on dreams that have laid dormant for far too long, the time is now. Step into the portal.


You have my enthusiastic consent to share this message with as many as you believe it will resonate, and I ask that you please do so. Thank you for reading and for getting the message out there. It is with great joy that I look forward to welcoming you to this experience. 

In solidarity with love,
Onyx Sol (they/he)

Recordings for each event will be sent
to all who register!

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