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if it is your magnificence
that you seek,
seek no further than the map
of your own soul

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journey into the depths
of your being
by answering the call 
of your own voice

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contemplate and integrate
twenty-two shades

of your Divine expression
through archetypal reflection

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— Petra P., BCST
Healer, Therapist
Event Organizer: Divine Spark
London, UK

"I've been lucky enough to experience Sol's magic on a number of occasions. When it comes to sound and singing, I don't know any other person who can touch my soul so deeply and with such divine frequencies. The tunes that come out of Sol truly sound like something that came from heaven. Sol's human self is just a clear channel to whatever healing one might need, whether in the form of humming, singing, purring, murmuring, or just as a soft whisper. Sol's skills with their instruments are very natural, almost as though they were born with a guitar in their hand. I highly recommend Sol's sound healing sessions for anyone, whether you want to feel loved and relaxed, or you have an intention of releasing, transforming, or transmuting."

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