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Onyx Sol (he/they) is a queer, trans-nonbinary artist, alchemist, musician, and poet. His art is informed by eons of lived experience in galaxies far & wide in space & time, and the resulting bafflement & discontent that goes along with being a multidimensional anachronism in an increasingly absurd construct of reality. Onyx's art 


art is a direct extension of their own inner-process, emotional catharsis, esoteric exploration, and insatiable desire to create beauty, harmony, and cohesion in an overwhelmingly discordant world. Onyx experiences creativity as a gateway to joy-peace-magic-wonder, and thus hope.


Onyx's expression is informed by eons of lived experience in galaxies far and wide (in space & time), the wisdom and disposition they've formed throughout these lifetimes of exploration, and the resulting bafflement and discontent they feel as a multi-dimensional anachronism in an increasingly absurd construct of reality. Reawakening the experience of the sacred in everyday life is central to Onyx's creative vision. 

Onyx's devotion to rediscovering the sacred through living a Soul Oriented Life (SOL*) has led them on a journey all over the world. From Italy, the land of their ancestral inheritance, to the Hawaiian Islands where they lived in intentional communities in harmony with the Earth, Onyx’s journey and its various cycles of transition and rebirth, masculine & feminine initiation, darkness & light, has led them to creating and guiding others through alchemical journey experiences. 

Onyx is also a practicing astrologer, energy intuitive, taroist, and channel of sacred sound. It is their intention to contribute their gifts and their visionary spirit to the healing of the Earth and its lifeforms. Through their study and practice of these occult arts as well as their experiences as an educator, mediator, and facilitator, Onyx seeks to spark deeper states of inner-knowing, healing, and transformation in all those called to their work.

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