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welcome to the journey

this section is very much a work in progress, the whole thing a testament to the creative process—forever unraveling, circling back on itself, completely in defiance of chronological time. 

so that you know how to navigate, the next screen you encounter will have images. click on the one that you're most attracted to.

that will bring you to a finished work—a poem, for example.

from there, it's up to you to hover over the words or images within that finished work so as to find the portals to various parts of the process, or even to different but related works from some other part of the journey.

(there being no other way to keep the element of surprise alive, this means, for all you mobile/tablet users out there, tapping your screen at random or, my suggestion, saving this part of the site for the next time you're using a laptop/desktop. trust me that you'll want to experience the work as it was originally formatted for bigger screens.)

enjoy the ride.

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