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in our lives.

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cultivating harmony

Hi, I'm Sol

I'm a queer, non-binary
driven by my passion
for honoring & exploring
mysticism and the Earth. 

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My intention is to live fully in alignment with my joy and purpose, and to embolden others, through the sharing of my passions and my creative expression, to live in accordance with their own.

I believe that we are all meant to create and live lives that are unique, rich with meaning, and deeply satisfying. 

I believe that the way that we can create such a life is to cultivate harmony – both within and without – and to become more firmly rooted in our most authentic self. 

It is my hope that my work facilitates the shift that I see occurring in the world, one which is marked by a return to a more Soul Oriented Life.

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Come Along for the Journey

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2020 has been a year of upheaval serving to usher in the opportunity to reassess every element of life and create drastic change. I believe the changes that we as a human species are being led to make now are in service of allowing us to live lives which are in greater alignment with what is most essential to our well-being. This transformation, one which brings about harmony, is the very heart of the evolution of our consciousness. This is the return to a Soul Oriented Life.

I discovered along my ownfive gateways that serve to orient me to my soul and, thus, to harmony. five qualities which, when cultivated, allow for me to experience the greatest truths of my being. These are: Beauty, Clarity, Connection, Expression, & Flow. 

When I cultivate BEAUTY, I invite pleasure and wonder to guide me. I experience harmony within myself and with my environment. Life is poetry, is ceremony, is sacred and celebratory. 


When I cultivate CLARITY, I invite more resounding peace within my being. I act decisively with purity of intent. I am radiant. 


When I cultivate CONNECTION, I experience greater depths of love. I am attuned to myself and others, to Nature and to Spirit. My roots are strong.


When I cultivate EXPRESSION, I invite truth to move through me freely. I am prolific and authentic. I dance with creation. 

When I cultivate FLOW, I experience the joy and bliss of oneness. Unity is the reality. Time is eternity. I reside in gratitude with All.  


— Neil Greenwood
Event Producer/
Magical Maestro: 
Morning Gloryville
London, UK

"Sol Bianco is a bright shining light. The minute we met I felt the deepest connection. Some of my most profound sound journey experiences have been with Sol's guidance. We were delighted to have Sol perform at Morning Gloryville around our sacred fire to close the ceremony. Our audience were completely engulfed by the magic and beauty of Sol's presence. There were tears and heartfelt smiles, as we truly bonded as community whilst enjoying the sound serenade of Sol's musical gifts."

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