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Our voice carries the essence of our truth and our creative vision. The throat chakra, the energy center in our body governing the voice, is linked to our creative expression in all of its forms, as well as our ability to realize – to know and make real – our unique visions in the world. This means that working directly with the voice and with our throat chakra not only aids us in our expression, but in our creation—whether that is the creation of our lives, our art, or our most authentic selves.


With the sun currently in Gemini spotlighting the stories we tell, and with Jupiter + Mars in Aries for the next two months amplifying our desire and ability to take bold, inspired action, now is the perfect time to get ourselves into deeper alignment with our self-expression: to unleash our voices, embody our truths, and embrace our creativity!


On June 11th, with Mercury (planet of communication) in the sign of Taurus (the zodiac sign ruling the throat/voice) making a harmonious aspect to Pluto (planet of power & transformation) we will come together to clear and activate our throat chakras through a healing sound journey meditation, as well as through using our voices to share our stories, poetry, songs, etc. This is an opportunity to speak from the heart, to share creative expression, and to feel seen, heard & held throughout by fellow creatives. Be prepared to share!


Your host Sol will be sharing songs & stories from their voice journey, as well as some of the practices that set their voice free. Special guest Sarah Cross, bestselling author of "The Art of Storytelling," will initiate us all in the powerful process of sharing our unique stories.


This event will be 90-120 minutes long. The recording will be provided to all those who purchase tickets, as well as any additional relevant materials to the event experience. 

Event Experiences
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