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Why Sol? To have arrived at this question let alone at the answer to it has truly taken every experience of my life. But the story itself began to take shape just over 4 years ago the first time that I traveled to Italy, a trip that fell into place fortuitously and undeniably changed my life.

So I inadvertently created a spell this Halloween just past—and, really, what better day to stumble upon the art of crafting incantation?

Home, Abundance, &
The Mother Archetype

I am letting go,
and I have never felt more at home.

I am letting go of waiting to have enough
or be enough or know enough

to do what lights my soul on fire.

Every single belief
that has kept me tied to fear,

I am letting each one of them go
and I am setting myself free.

When it comes down to it, shouldn’t we all be aiming to fly and to find that one place or person that gives us roots at the very same time?

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