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Hi, I'm Sol. It has been an intention of mine for several years now to create a space for my creative work to breathe and grow and greet the world. In going about realizing this dream, I’ve learned how to step back and allow for things to develop beyond even my own ideas—starting a community, for example, was not planned but rather fell into place naturally. It is one of the greatest joys of my life to be shaping a space for not only my own creativity but for the creative expression of everyone to flourish.

If you wish to read more about The Sol Seekers Collective, you can do so here. If you’re looking for the story behind the name Sol, you can find it here.

Otherwise, what can I say that something I’ve created won't better express? There are two things I wish to mention, both of them related. The first is that I am a twin flame. The second is that I prefer the pronouns they/them.

So, for those who haven’t met their twin flames and are thus unfamiliar with the term, I wrote an article with an analogy that describes what twin flames are, but here I’d like to explain in a more practical way. That I say I am a twin flame means that I’ve met the one other human being on this planet who has the same soul as my own (in typing this right now I’m being hit with the sheer enormity of the world, the quantity of people, and it’s blowing my mind all over again that she and I have met). How could I know this, you might ask. I could make for you a list of signs and synchronicities, but ultimately what would any of them really tell you? Know this: when you come into contact with your own soul in the body of another, you just know. But to this I will add an experiment for the curious.

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul—when we hear this phrase we generally reflect on looking in the eyes of others so as to get a sense of who they are, to feel into them…but have you ever looked into a mirror and peered deeply into your own eyes so as to grow more intimate with your own soul? Perhaps it sounds like a silly question, but think about it. The answer is likely no. Why do I need to look into my own soul when I am my own soul, you might wonder. To this I say consider how much time throughout the day that you are not your soul, but your mind—focused on a job, preoccupied with a problem, reading or studying or on social media, etc.—yes, of course, you are still ultimately your soul even if you spend very little time actually with your soul, but what kind of relationship flourishes with so little attention? Now compile this across a lifetime. If you aren’t especially attuned and you spend the vast majority of your time in your mind and focused externally, how can you know your own soul? What do you even feel like to those who are looking from the outside in?

Here’s one way to find out. Sit in front of a mirror and look deeply into your own eyes, past the awkwardness, the discomfort, whatever emotions that arise, until you reach that point (it could take a good while) in which you are feeling into your own being. You’ll know it when it happens. When you’ve felt your own essence, when you’ve really seen your own soul, trust me that you’ll be able to recognize your twin flame should you encounter them because when you look into their eyes you will feel the very same feeling. This is the best ‘proof’ that I can offer to you from my own experience.

But enough about you—this section is About Me. Now that we’ve established what a twin flame is, why is this important to your understanding of who I am? Because that I am a twin flame is an intrinsic part of my being, my experience, my role in this life. When twin flames come into one another’s lives, they trigger (or in my case amplify) an intense healing process. For me, this has been ongoing for several years. This means that, within myself, I have been getting to know all of the things that we as human beings generally try desperately to avoid because facing the reality of them tends to cause unbearable pain (much to the delight of my inner-psychologist and the distress of just about all the other parts of me). Thus, every single wound buried deeply in my subconscious and even carried into this lifetime from lives passed has been and is being brought into my conscious awareness so as to be recognized, felt, understood, and healed.

As twin flames, we have opted into doing all of this heavy lifting, this reconfiguring and rebuilding, because the result is that all that is standing in the way of us reconnecting to the unconditional love at the source of us all has been cleared. Collectively, twin flames have a mission on this planet at this time, and it is to embody a state of unconditional love so as to assist humanity as a whole in raising their vibrational frequency. If you look at the world today, it’s nothing short of obvious that we are in a crisis state, all of our long-suppressed shadows both as a species and as a particular culture being uncomfortably magnified and reflected to us in our outside reality (the election of Donald Trump being a prime example of this). This is because, as I’ve been experiencing on a micro level within my own self, we must face all that we wish to avoid should we ever hope to live in a world with the trinity of peace, faith, and unconditional love as its keystone. Where twin flames fit into this equation is that we’ve gone through this process at an accelerated rate so as to be able to help others to make the shift, thus ushering in the next phase of humankind’s evolution. In addition to this collective mission, twin flames also have individual soul missions—part of mine is this very website, as well as the creation of The Sol Seekers Collective.

So that’s number one. Number two is my relationship to gender. As I mentioned, this too is related to me being a twin flame, though that’s not the entire story—it begins in my youth. I can remember clearly, I couldn't have been in more than the 2nd grade, telling my closest friend at the time that it wasn't that I liked the boy on the cover of the pop magazines, but that I wanted to be him. "So be him," she said simply, giving me what was arguably the most sincere advice of my life. But I could already sense that liking him was safer, and so I proceeded to entertain pointless crushes on boys until (and even after) my attraction to girls awoke within me. When my tomboy days died down, I tried to come into my femininity by dressing as a woman is traditionally thought to dress (a period in which I wore heels, this exists in my history), but all I was actually doing was putting on an idea of femininity so as to avoid facing the masculinity that I had suppressed.

Another integral part of the twin flame healing process is balancing the masculine and feminine energies that each human being contains within. For me, this began with accepting my masculinity, an immense relief after having run from it for practically my entire life. Interestingly enough, once I did it still didn’t feel right to transition from being female to male. Rather instead I could feel that I was being guided to truly embrace and integrate the femininity that I had resisted for just as long. To observe this interplay of the masculine and feminine energies within my being has been one of the most fascinating and liberating experiences of my life (you can expect to read much more on this from me). And what I’ve now come to find is that I feel, finally, fully me—which is to say equally both, and also neither. For this reason, a pronoun like ‘they’ (which is used by those who identify as non-binary, genderfluid, or genderqueer) makes so much sense for me.

All of that said, welcome to my webspace. I hope that you’ll feel at home. Know that I’m happy and grateful to be receiving the time and attention that you’re giving me and my work. I hope that wherever you are in your process that you will find something of yourself in mine, and that you’ll feel inclined to share something of your own becoming with The Sol Seekers Collective.

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