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Green Leaves







Through the gifts of art and music,
poetry and astrology;
As an experienced teacher of language, traveler
of the world, and holder of sacred space;
With an understanding of symbolism,
psychology, and myth;
In communion with the Earth and
communication with the Spirit in all things;
I intend to inspire and facilitate,
for all those who seek it,
the creation of a Soul Oriented Life.


To grow my ability to read and understand human life, as well as my interest for exploring and developing complex ideas, I pursued a degree in English Literature. I chose to concentrate on Gender and Sexuality Studies because I am queer identifying and nonbinary (they/them), and because I am fascinated by the fluidity of identity. My desire to know a multitude of perspectives also led me to study philosophy, psychology and astrology. 

After college I took the dynamic and challenging position of
Patient Advocate in the Emergency Department of one of Brooklyn's busiest, most culturally diverse hospitals. In this role I had real-time experience addressing and mediating on behalf of the needs of people from all walks of life, as well as facilitating communication in emotionally complex situations.

I eventually decided to take a risk and leave this rewarding, well-paying job in pursuit of what set my soul on fire. This brought me to Italy, the land of my cultural roots. Upon returning to New York, I set to work pursuing Italian dual-citizenship as well as a Cambridge University teaching certificate to teach English abroad (both of which I attained). During this time I also lived in a small town in Mexico. 


The Birth of Sol


In 2016 I moved full-time to Naples, Italy where I taught language at all levels of ability to individuals and groups alike across a wide range of ages. This experience honed my ability to creatively convey ideas and to consistently elicit engagement and understanding. It was also in this city, caught up in the music of Neapolitan life, that I began to grow into my voice as a singer, as well as to collaborate with other musicians. 

2017-2019 saw me traveling to 10 cities in 6 different countries, a soul-expanding adventure which was largely guided by the pursuit of my creative passions and my own becoming. I connected with old-world mysticism in Dublin and Turin, and lived alongside the archetypal energies of gods and goddesses in Rome and Athens. In London I gave performances of my music and poetry in open mics all over the city, and contributed the gift of healing sound to a variety of consciousness events. 


On the island of Maui I lived in an intentional, off-grid, permaculture community where I connected with the Earth, with plant medicine, and with the wild nature of my being. Here I learned sustainable living practices, and channeled my lifelong passion and talent for food and nutrition into the community café. Inspired by the high vibrational energy of the island and the songs of the jungle, I received, played, and co-created sacred medicine music experiences with my partner and other community members. 


On the Big Island of Hawaii I lived in another such community where I practiced raw, instinctive eating, learned and lived Nonviolent Communication, and studied Holistic Intimacy & Sexuality, Holistic Spirituality, and Holistic Consciousness. Living in nature and learning to embrace naturism, I felt into what it means to be a human body outside of societal concepts and restraints. I also deepened in my ability to be present with my own and others' vulnerability through community organized weekly heart-shares.


Since then I have settled with my partner in their hometown in Virginia where I have been  


Since then I have settled with my partner in their hometown in Virginia where I have been  



Are you feeling called towards a more Soul Oriented Life? 

BEAUTY – cultivating sacred space, ceremony, and ritual; high vibrational items; inspiring creativity and flow; wonder and awe; nature; raising one's vibration and/or regulating one's inner experience through the use of potent sensual 

CLARITY – freeness of mind; meditation; intuition; reflection; purity of intent; 

CONNECTION – attunement to oneself, one's own thoughts, feelings, body, and energy; attunement to the natural world, all beings, the Universe; appreciation, empathy, gratitude; 

EXPRESSION – creativity in all forms; authenticity; truth; using one's voice; sacred sound; art; 

FLOW – movement; yoga; freedom to follow one's inspiration; lightness of being; stepping outside of time; present presence

With the creative, intuitive gifts of art and mysticism...

Through food, poetry, music, astrology...

Experienced as a communicator of complex ideas through the teaching of language...


Traveler of the world, holder of sacred space,


When I cultivate BEAUTY, I invite pleasure and wonder to guide me. I experience harmony within myself and with my environment. Life is poetry, is ceremony, is sacred and celebratory


When I cultivate CLARITY, I invite more resounding peace within my being. I act decisively with purity of intent. I am radiant


When I cultivate CONNECTION, I experience greater depths of love. I am attuned to myself and others, to Nature and to Spirit. My roots are strong.


When I cultivate EXPRESSION, I invite truth to move through me freely. I am prolific and authentic. I dance with creation. 

When I cultivate FLOW, I experience the joy and bliss of oneness. Unity is the reality. Time is eternity. I reside in gratitude with All.  

2020 has been a year of upheaval serving to usher in the opportunity to reassess every element of life and create drastic change. I believe the changes that we as a human species are being led to make now are in service of allowing us to live lives which are in greater alignment with what is most essential to our well-being. This transformation is the very heart of the evolution of our consciousness. What it manifests is a Soul Oriented Life.

I discovered along my own journey five gateways that serve to orient me to my soul, five qualities which, when cultivated, allow for me to experience the greatest truths of my being. These are: Beauty, Clarity, Connection, Expression, & Flow. 

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