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ci siamo


The one I love made me into a color,

painted what she couldn't feel.

The one I love kissed like foreign countries,

drew a map of my soul.

The one I love shed tears for bridges,

existed only in the gaps.

The one I love pressed her palm to mine,

gave voice to her absence.

The one I love melted into my form,

considered taking shape.

The one I love awakened my sunrise,

saw herself in my night.

The one I love showed me her world,

found her own reflection.

The one I love held tight to my embrace,

sought an equation for closeness.

The one I love said  I love you,

wondered what love is.


The one you love shaped you into a song,

sang what she couldn't say.

The one you love kissed like question marks, 

traced the language of your soul.

The one you love built a bridge of her body, 

collapsed into the gaps.

The one you love pressed her palm to yours,

gave away safety for touch.

The one you love melted into your form,

considered shared space.

The one you love plunged into your darkness,

felt herself in your light.

The one you love lived inside your world,

found her own reflection.

The one you love held tight to your embrace,

sought a structure for closeness.

The one you love said  I love you too,

wondered where love is.

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