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I'm floating from bench to ledge,
one expression to the next,


of convergence for the energy
of all who come togather 

The songs of several mariachi bands
meet in midair above

in a dance only with youth 
and their indifference.

part from his band embodies the strains
of the strings on his violin.

his melancholy a woman watches every
one & nothing, eyes aglow from some
untold distance within.

and time slows, palpable as their 
obliviousness.  Here


with all of it, all the ways in which
the center of anything 

where people come to feel
& feelings come to people.

a single pt.

en el centro.

those engaged

There, one man a

And just beyond

Two lovers kiss

I am heartstruck

is its heart—


Centro Scene (signed).png
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