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My intuitive natal chart readings are aimed at guiding you through the major themes and lessons of this lifetime so that you might live out your life & purpose with clarity, heart, & soul.

It could be said that sciences like physics and geometry sum up truths of the natural world in numbers, shapes, and symbols. This, too, is the way of astrology only it serves to sum up truths of the inner-world, the psychological landscape.


If it is your magnificence that you seek, seek no further than the map of your own soul. 


The natal chart is your own personal myth, your hero’s journey, the blueprint of your being. Though it is possible with a website or an app to easily access your astrological data, it takes a knowledge of the underlying system of astrology to identify the specific themes at the core of each natal chart. A natural born storyteller well-versed in its system and symbols, allow me to be your guide and interpreter and together we will discover the tale of your divine perfection

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— Stiofán B.
Unceded Musqueam Territory

"I first came to engage with my natal chart via the wisdom and insight of Sol. Sol's approach to astrology clearly displays their passion, intelligence, and determined curiosity. These qualities make them both a fierce student, and a natural teacher. They have a gifted ability to utilise and blend both masculine and feminine forms of knowledge/information, and the ease with which they express their insight comes as both a comfort and a wonder. Sol's reading of the natal chart, and the soul, is and continues to be a source of inspiration to me. I absolutely recommend anyone and everyone to have a reading with Sol."

Unsure if a natal chart reading is for you? 

I invite you to watch the video I created answering the question: "Why Astrology?"


I would also be happy to respond to any inquiries via email! 

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still curious?

Unsure if an Astrology reading is for you? 

I invite you to reach out to
with any inquiries or curiosities!

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