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5-Days of Magic -

Free SOL* Journey Experience

September 22, 2022 - 9PM EDT

Live Virtual Portal 

What awaits on the other side?

Step Into the Portal:

Recordings for each event will be sent
to all who register!

Full Schedule of Events

September 22 | 9-11PM EDT

Equinox Portal Ceremony - Entering the 5th Dimension (5D)

Portals: Energetic Openings, Timeline Shifts, Quantum Leaps, Circular Time
Collective Rebirth - Dawning of a New Phase of the Zodiacal Wheel
From Polarity to Synthesis: Both/And Consciousness (1 and 1 is 3)
Sacred Sound - Dance of Shadow & Light, Sun & Moon, Masculine & Feminine

September 23 | 3-4:30PM EDT

Mystic Perception: All the World's a Dream

Engaging the Sacred Interface
Ceremonies/Rituals of Life
Synchronicities & Symbols
Multi-Sensory Perception: Beyond the 3D

September 25 | 6-8PM EDT

Libra New Moon Circle - A New Paradigm of Creation

The Wisdom of Venus: Truth, Beauty, Harmony
Tribe: Towards Intimacy & Unity Consciousness
The SOL* Seekers Collective
SOL* Tribe Sharing Circle - Stories, Songs, Poems, etc. WELCOME & ENCOURAGED!

September 27 | 3-4:30PM EDT

SOL* Consciousness (1/2): Living Our Individual Myths 

Tarot, Astrology, and the Archetypes Within
Humanity, Myth, and the Spectrum of the Divine
The Sacred Spiral: Seasons & Cycles
The Sun: Unconditional Light/Life Force
Embracing Joy: Beyond Toxic Positivity

September 28 | 3-4:30PM EDT

SOL* Consciousness (2/2): Radiance, Passion, Purpose

Mind-Body-Heart Consciousness
Radiance: The Core of Self
Passion: Living from the Heart
Purpose: Realizing Our Dreams
We Are All Creators/Creation

Recordings for each event will be sent
to all who register!

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